Philip Nulty

Serving the community voluntarily since 1969

Philip Nulty was born on July 15th 1948. He was from a family of 8 children to Clare & Patrick Nulty had who resided in Crushrod Avenue. Philip was always active and was a member of the Scouts, he was a boxer and also trained in Judo before his love of Karate developed.
Philip married Rosemary O’Brien of Ascal Brugha on August 1st 1970 and went on to have 5 children. One of which, Andrew remains an active member of the Management Committee of the School.
Philip and Rosemary have 11 Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren. All of their Grandchildren have trained with the school and currently Dearbhaile, daughter of Denise Nulty who is on the Management Committee and Kaiya, Mya & Emily Nulty, daughters of Andrew & Aileen Nulty who are also on the Management Committee all train twice a week with the School.
Philip’s wife Rosemary has also been an ever-present member of the School having spent all of her Married life being involved with Karate. She has been the Child Protection Officer and receptionist for many years and deserves great praise and thanks for the care and dedication she has shown members. Despite suffering strokes in 2019 and 2023, Rosemary continued her role with the school.
Most Clubs and Instructors operate for profit or financial gain. However, since day one Philip has passed on his expertise on a voluntary basis. For 5 decades, Drogheda School of Karate has had Drogheda’s Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Expert at its helm, passing on his experience to thousands of children and adults.
Philip has travelled the World representing both Drogheda and AIKW Ireland including 4 trips to Japan for World Championships. He has been a Judge at many competitions around the World. He was also a Judge at the World Police and Fire Games in Belfast in 2013.
Philip has made many friends in the Karate World over his 5 decades but his friendship with Oliver Brunton, 7th Dan JKF has helped the School have a very close bond with Northern Ireland Karate-Do Wado-Kai (NIKW) and through this connection, both Drogheda School of Karate and NIKW have held a Cross-Border-Cross-Community Project each year for 15 years to help promote peace and understanding from all sides. This yearly event was partly sponsored by Drogheda Concentrates (Coca-Cola) and saw competitors from Northern Ireland compete against Drogheda School of Karate members. There were also tours and talks on historical interests such as Oldbridge House, The Battle of the Boyne and much more.
Both organisations also took part in a Peace III event hosted by Drogheda School of Karate in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dundalk, Co Louth where all participants were entertained in the hotel, provided with accommodation and then a technical seminar the next day.
Philip also started in the 1990s providing classes to transition year in local secondary schools and he also provided several free ladies self-defence courses over the years.
Philip was National ONAKAI Secretary & AIKW Ireland Team Manager at one point. He was also on the Irish Karate Advisory Board and AIKW Licence Officer. Outside of Karate he served on the Board of the LCR Centre which oversaw its reopening and rebranding from the “boys club”. He was awarded title of “Karate Man of the Year” in 2000 by AIKW and was entered into the Drogheda Independent Hall of Fame in 2013.
Over the years the school has trained in the Drogheda Amateur Boxing Club, Drogheda Rugby Club, The Order of Malta Rooms, Parochial Centre, Peter Street, St. Mary’s CBS, The Scholes Club, O’ Raghallaigh Sports Centre & The Workspace Centre .
The school moved in in 1997 until October 2007 to the LCR Centre , Yellowbatter Park. The next venue was from October 2007 until February 2010 in Greenhills Community Sports Complex, and then the Barbican Centre. The current training venue for the past number of years has been the Special Olympics Club, Cross Lanes, Drogheda.
When you think Karate in Drogheda, for 5 decades there was only 1 person you would think of. The Drogheda School of Karate would like to thank Philip for all his hard work and dedication. A volunteer is one of the best people you could have in an organisation. They don’t look for money, they don’t look for praise. However, they are always there giving their all for the benefit of others.
Philip certainly has done this and without pushing himself in front of others, without self-praise and not for financial gain. Even writing up this report is something he did not want. Unlike some other Instructors, he does not want attention. He has simply done it for a love of his sport.
Unfortunately, due to medical advice Philip has had to finish his Karate career. This has been an exceptionally difficult decision to make but at 75 years of age and after being a member of the school for 50 years. It is time to look after himself.
On behalf of all our members both past and present, I would like to thank Philip for all he has done for Drogheda School of Karate and for the people of Drogheda.
Philip with 4 of his Granddaughters on the last night of training.