New Members

Serving the community voluntarily since 1969

Drogheda School of Karate is a not-for-profit, Volunteer-Managed Community Karate School. We welcome new members from 5 years of age regardless of physical fitness or ability.

To make it easy to start below is a step-by-step guide and some useful information.

Training takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-8pm (children) and 8-9pm (youth / adults) in the Special Olympics Club, Cross Lane, Drogheda, Co Louth A92 YY98.

Rosemary is available at reception from 6:40 pm until 8:05 pm on training nights. When you arrive you will need to fill in a new membership form. Once completed, the member will be allowed to enter the Dojo. No parents are allowed to be present during classes as this distracts members and also for insurance reasons.

Members should bring a non-fizzy drink with them, if a member is a child, please label their bottle. A tracksuit is fine for starting off and we do not recommend purchasing a Karate suit until you know the member is going to continue training.

No hats, chewing gum, or food is permitted in the Dojo. Mobile phones are also not allowed and the school will not take any responsibility for any equipment belonging to members.

For internal competitions, the school provides chest protectors, mitts, foot and shin protection. All members should bring a gum shield to training and all members must have one for competitions. These can be purchased in any sports shop and cost €5 or less.

While training, all members must show respect to fellow students and our Instructor. We have a safe and fun environment and any disrespectful behavior, bullying, name-calling etc. may result in a member being removed from the class.

We do not own the premises and all members must not cause any damage to the Special Olympics Club building or contents.

Finally, please ensure younger members are careful in the car park as it can be very busy, especially during dark evenings.